10 Steps from $100 to $1 trillion

  1. $100 → 1k (sell something)
  2. $1k → 10k (start a business)
  3. $10k → 100k (spend money on ads to sell)
  4. $100k → 1m (start hiring to expand time, leverage capital)
  5. $1m → 10m (fill a product niche with multiple deliverables)
  6. $10m → 100m (do the previous step across multiple markets)
  7. $100m → 1b (do the previous step across more markets at depth)
  8. $1b → 10b (buy up smaller competition, market to build brand, be omni-channel omni-present)
  9. $10b → 100b (Be a global leader in an entire industry or sector)
  10. $100b → 1T (no one has done this yet, Walmart is the closest at $572b)



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Jonathan Poland

Jonathan Poland


20+ years advising leaders. These are notes from the journey. Learn more @ mrplnd.com