10 Steps from $100 to $1 trillion

You’re not going to get there. No one should, not because of some political or philosophical ideology, but because it means our currency and banking system has failed us. Here’s a statistic, $3.60 in 1914 has the same purchasing power as $100 does today.

So, we’ll start at $100 since that’s a nice round amount that most people can save up. Each one of the steps below builds on one another and includes the previous at increased scale. These steps are revenue based, not market capitalization. For example, Apple has a $2.3 trillion cap and is 7th in the world on revenue.

  1. $100 → 1k (sell something)
  2. $1k → 10k (start a business)
  3. $10k → 100k (spend money on ads to sell)
  4. $100k → 1m (start hiring to expand time, leverage capital)
  5. $1m → 10m (fill a product niche with multiple deliverables)
  6. $10m → 100m (do the previous step across multiple markets)
  7. $100m → 1b (do the previous step across more markets at depth)
  8. $1b → 10b (buy up smaller competition, market to build brand, be omni-channel omni-present)
  9. $10b → 100b (Be a global leader in an entire industry or sector)
  10. $100b → 1T (no one has done this yet, Walmart is the closest at $572b)

Success is personal, but I do like Grant Cardone’s 10x rule for thinking big. You could easily play this level game out based on how long it takes to generate $100k or $1m in sales turnover — per year, quarter, month, week, day, hour, minute, second.

The point is to make it a challenge which makes it a game which is what us humans enjoy most. You don’t need to be in the metaverse or playing iPhone games when the biggest game ever is right before you.

This was a note to self.



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Jonathan Poland

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