Hunger Games Life?

To follow the new Twitter trend…

I’ve watched 10,000 hours of YouTube
Here’s what I’ve learned…

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Maybe I’m completely in the matrix (as Andrew Tate would say) and have succumbed to the the social media (aka internet) algorithms; however, while I respect the open ended market driven content creation, it does leave me with a little bit of icky feeling.

I can admit that I do procrastinate a lot on these platforms. I watch hours of youtube videos a week in the name of “learning” but it’s just mental masturbation. Through this learning, however, two things became blatantly apparent.

One. People want to be entertained.
Two. People want to be paid to entertain.

Now we have an incredible business model, copied by many, where pay is not tied directly to the consumer. MrBeast is a master of both data driven content production and capturing ancillary revenue from fans with a multitude of product lines. The future will be more of the same as free ad-based content is only now becoming mature and that’s a long lifespan.


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