If I gave up, this is what I’d do.

I’m a good golfer. I could pass the playing ability test that the PGA sets up across the United States each year. It’s a 36 hole test, usually from roughly 6500 yard tees. To pass and be considered for a PGA Professional job at a local club, one only has to shoot 15 strokes or less over the course rating from the tee boxes mentioned before. So, in most cases that’s shooting roughly 78 and 78. That’s quite doable for me and would give me the ability to join a club and work as a teaching professional.

Dont get too excited yet. This job doesn’t pay very well. Even a director of golf operations for an entire club earns far less than six figures. The upside is free golf, so… it may be worth it. Especially if you can also build content like a Rick Shiels and make money that way. Also, at a club, it’s likely I’d have access to all sorts of new gear and possibly meet a lot of interesting people. So, it really depends on how you think and where you can get on.

Again, I’m not giving up on what I’m working on… just saying.

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